Wil'que: a new way to experience Vietnamese hospitality

Wil'que's philosophy goes beyond providing accommodation; it's about enhancing the traveler's experience by fostering connections among guests.

Its design includes shared common spaces that encourage interactions and community engagement. This approach aligns perfectly with the preferences of young and adventurous traveler, offering an economical yet stylish alternative to traditional hotels that often isolates guests.

By prioritizing social engagement and experience, Wil'que not only offers comfort and style but also enriches the travel experience through meaningful connections and shared adventures.


Wil'que transcends the conventional hotel role by offering an array of services, social events, and unique activities that transform the hotel into a vibrant social hub, ideal for making new friends and immersing in the local community.

The greenery sharing space inside Wil’que. Photo courtesy of Wil’que

It stands as a testament to the mission of Singapore real estate developer Antara Koh Development to redefine the hospitality industry with a commitment to providing enriching experiences that inspire and delight every guest.

The overall colors in common areas are carefully selected, creating a cozy and comfortable feeling. Photo courtesy of Wilque

Wil'que made its official debut in Vietnam with a grand launch event held in Hanoi on Nov. 4. See more information about Wil'que Cua Bac here, contact via hotline (+84) 24 3202 1079, or visit 80 Cua Bac Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

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