Customer Personal Information Protection Policy

Before placing an order or using our services, customers are required to agree to our Personal Information Protection Policy. To ensure the safety and protection of customer personal information, please read and agree to the following information security policies:

1. Purpose of Personal Information Collection
We only collect customer personal information for the following purposes:
1.1 Identity Verification: We may request personal information such as name, address, phone number, and email address to verify the customer's identity and ensure accuracy during transactions and service provision.
Order Processing: We collect personal information such as delivery address and payment information to process customer orders.
1.2 Enhancing Customer Experience: Personal information is used to provide better services to customers, including customer support, product advice, and relevant information provision.
1.3 Customizing Experience: We may use personal information to customize and personalize the customer's shopping experience on our website, including providing product information, offers, or suitable recommendations.

2. Information Usage Scope
We are committed to protecting customer personal information and only use the information as necessary to provide services and meet customer requests. Customer personal information is not shared, disclosed, or sold to any third party without explicit customer consent, except when legally required or necessary to protect our or the customer's rights, property, or security.
We maintain appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of customer personal information and comply with applicable data protection regulations.

3. Individuals or organizations that may have access to information:
We commit not to share, sell, or disclose customer personal information to any third party except for the following cases:
3.1. Service partners: We may share personal information with service partners who support us in providing products and services to customers. However, these partners must comply with information security regulations and only use personal information for specific purposes that have been set out.
3.2. Compliance with the law: We may disclose personal information when requested by law enforcement agencies to comply with regulations, legal procedures, or our rights.

4. Information retention period:
We will store customer personal information for the duration of their use of the service and as necessary to fulfill the stated information collection purposes. After it is no longer necessary, we will delete or anonymize customer personal information.

5. Personal information collection and management unit information:
If there are any questions or need for support regarding the collection and processing of customer information, please contact us directly via phone or email using the information below:
Company name: AK Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
Address: Room 705-2, 7th Floor, Daeha Business Center Building, 360 Kim Ma, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
Phone number: +84-24-3202-1079
Email: [email protected]

6. Personal data management:
Customers have the right to access and edit their personal information by logging into their personal account on the website or contacting us through the provided contact information.