The hotel brand from Singapore organizes an art competition about the Old Quarter

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has long been an aspect of great concern for many large companies worldwide. A well-executed CSR activity can bring significant value to the business in various aspects, such as creating a positive ripple effect in the market.

In Vietnam, international companies frequently take turns implementing CSR activities to spread humanitarian values within the community. However, most businesses tend to initiate CSR activities only after they have been operating for a certain period. Few businesses engage in these activities before commencing their operations.

Nevertheless, the launch event of the Wil'que hotel brand on November 4th has demonstrated a new perspective on what a business can contribute to society.

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The launch event of the Wil'que hotel brand took place on November 4th 

Despite not having started business activities in Vietnam yet, Wil'que - the hotel brand for the young from Singapore, aims to bring values to the younger generation in Vietnam in advance. This is evident through the organization of the digital art competition "The Soul of Craft Streets." The theme of the competition revolves around the ancient values and nostalgic memories of Hanoi's Old Quarter, closely tied to traditional crafts that have been passed down through many generations in numerous families.

The organizers mentioned that as an event focused on community development, the competition has received significant support from various art groups, young artist communities, individuals working in the design field, and students from across the country.

Remarkably, there are cases where participants living and working in Finland learned about the competition, actively participated and submitted numerous entries to the organizers.

Poster of the digital art competition "The Soul of Craft Streets"

After going through the preliminary evaluation rounds, the jury selected over 20 outstanding artworks to prepare for the final voting round. The professional quality of these artworks received high praise from both the organizers and collaborative partners.

With 36 streets as inspiration, the submitted paintings cover a diverse range of content, from Hang Chieu, Hang Ma, Hang Trong, … contributing to a clearer depiction of the overall picture of the lively and bustling scenes of the area in the past in the ancient capital.

To demonstrate their commitment to the development of the community of Vietnamese young artists, besides awarding prizes with a total value of nearly 50 million VND, including both cash and gifts, Wil'que also offers the privilege of illustrating all award-winning works to become wall paintings. These artworks will be displayed at Wil'que's first hotel project in Hanoi which is set to be unveiled in December.

"This is a meaningful initiative, as Wil'que not only provides an opportunity for self-affirmation but also serves as a way for Wil'que to express gratitude for the contributions of the community of young artists to the country's art scene," shared a representative of the hotel.

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Thương hiệu khách sạn từ Singapore tổ chức cuộc thi sáng tác tranh về phố cổ - 4

Some paintings submitted for the 'Soul of the Craft Street' competition

As a new hotel brand targeting the young demographic – representing a new generation that is innovative, courageous, and values unique experiences – Wil'que introduces a hybrid hotel model to Vietnam. Designed for easy conversion of spaces based on usage purposes, Wil'que provides the utmost convenience for guests.

The intriguing blend of living spaces and hotel services, coupled with professional operational standards, promises that Wil'que will be a fresh choice for travel enthusiasts who crave mobility and exploration.

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