The Wil’que hotel brand is officially launched in the Vietnamese market

This is the first project of AKDV – a real estate and hotel brand from Singapore in the Vietnamese market. The event was honored to welcome Mr. Tran Trung Hieu – Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Tourism, along with various media agencies, travel and tourism units, and strategic partners.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Bernard Seet – CEO of AKDV, emphasized: "We aim to bring the best experiences of a perfect intersection between culture, community, and convenience. Whether it's a romantic getaway, a business trip, or a special occasion, the Wil'que brand promises to be a lively and warm stopover, just as we always commit – Breaking every expectation."

Mr Bernard Seet - CEO of Antara Koh Development (V) Pte Ltd

At the event, guests were provided about specific insights into the direction and operational model of Wil’que in the upcoming period. This is a hotel brand targeting short-term traveler groups, individuals passionate about "exploration," seeking new experiences, and establishing new connections and relationships.

Wil’que is the first hybrid hotel model to appear in Vietnam. While this concept might be relatively new to Vietnam, it has already become quite popular in developed countries such as Singapore, Australia, etc... This popularity is attributed to the flexibility that this product line offers, providing opportunities for customers to interact and engage with each other with an affordable price.

Not only focusing on business goals, one of the factors that Wil’que always strives for is a continuous contribution to the community and society, creating sustainable values and emphasizing human values. As evidence of this commitment, right from its establishment and the commencement of its inaugural project, Wil’que simultaneously organized the digital art competition "The Soul of Craft Streets" for a community of both amateur and professional artists. The inspiration for this competition was drawn from the 36 traditional craft streets that have been closely associated with Hanoi for thousands of years. The competition received over 20 unique and creative artworks, each containing the passion of the artists.

Along with the brand opening, Wil’que introduced to guests the first project in the heart of Hanoi. Drawing inspiration from the "The Soul of Craft Streets" competition, the Old Quarter, each floor at Wil’que Hanoi will take clients to a different ancient street with distinctive features in terms of products, colors, decorations, and images. Upon entering each floor, guests will be “treated to a visually sumptuous feast”, clarifying their understanding about the streets that have been closely associated with Hanoi for thousands of years.

Thương hiệu khách sạn Wil’que chính thức ra mắt thị trường Việt Nam ảnh 3

The brand launch event received significant attention from various departments, partners, as well as media agencies.

In addition, as announced by the organization, will dedicate large walls on each floor to showcase the award-winning artworks from the "The Soul of Craft Streets" Digital Art Competition. This is a tribute to outstanding artistic values as well as creative and passionate young individuals. It is also an action aimed at honoring community values, aligning with the principles that Wil’que has been and is striving for.

At the end of the launch event, Wil’que demonstrated the company's ambition in the Vietnamese market by committing to increase the total number of hotel rooms to over 300 by the end of 2025, with the operation of numerous facilities at various locations in the upcoming years.


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